Is the unit enabled?

Double click on device from db Devices tab and check or uncheck Unit Enabled.

Save after changes.

Re-enable and save again.

Check to see if device is online in System Status.

Is the unit communicating?

Try to ping Zero-U from machine with Server installed (the IP is shown on db Devices tab).

Verify ports TCP 1001, UDP 16388 are open for communication.


Are the inputs connected?

Verify Door 1 port has connection.

Zero-U will not connect without Door 1 connection.


Verify LED lights

Verify LEDs on Zero-U are green, orange, green from left to right.


Verify encryption key has been applied

Apply encryption key from DAS-SQL.

If it fails, the key has already been applied.

**Do not change encryption key unless original key is recorded as it cannot be changed on the device.**