Select Users tab and click Add.

Complete new user information on User Details tab.

Choose Fingerprints/Password tab.

Select a finger to register and click the Register button. You will also have the option to select a "duress" finger. Alarms can be set to trigger if that finger is scanned for access. 

Place the selected finger on the scanner when prompted.

**If the scan is successful you will be prompted to place the finger on the scanner for a second time for verification**

Once the verification is successful, set the User Password section.

Choose RFID tab if using Prox, Mifare, or iClass card and card reader is connected to machine and recognized in system settings.

Choose Photo tab to import image from file or to capture an image from a camera that is configured in System tab.

Click Save to capture new user and all configured settings. The new user should appear in the Users list.