Devices are a part of the secured site(s) hardware makeup. They consist of: db Nexus II, db Nexus II Duo, db Nexus III, db Nexus III Duo, and db Zero-U devices. Devices will be created and controlled via the db Device tab, and once confirmed are all monitored 24/7 from DAS-SQL and the System Status tab.

Use Find Unassigned Devices to locate new Devices on the network or click Add to manually add a new Device.

The Device Details window is where all of the configuration for the Nexus and related devices.

1. The Device Settings section is where the name, reader type (model), zone, and server is set. The Unit Enabled checkbox needs to be checked for the software to manage the device.

2. The Fire Override section sets the configuration for the device if the fire alarm is triggered only if DAS-SQL is integrated with the local fire alarm system.

3. The Network Settings options can be found here.

4. Dual Custody is used if multiple people must be present to pass through the controlled entrance. Multiple configuration options are available.

5. The encryption key is set with the initial hardware setup and can only be set one time with the hardware device. **Make sure to record the encryption key during installation as it cannot be changed on the hardware side**

6. The Device section controls authentication and output options for the related devices. The Device 1 and Device 2 tabs are identical except for the Mantrap checkbox.

**If a Nexus Duo is not used and there is only one device present, the Device 2 tab does not need to be configured**

7. Click Save once the changes are made.