Bus Devices differ from “Devices” in their architecture. Multiple Devices are attached to a single Bus Controller via nodes. The bus controller does not take in any direct user interaction. Instead, a bus has a series of nodes, which support a series of locks. The db Bus Controller also supports Enline units, used for end-of-row authentication. One Bus can support up to thirty two nodes, and each node currently supports connecting up to two locks (devices).

Bus Devices Tab

The Bus Devices tab shows all of the nodes that are connected to a Controller along with the location, Node serial number, device type, approval status, and zone that it is assigned to.

Select a listed device and click Edit or double-click on the device to open the Device Details window. The Details window is used to configure the options for the device.

**If the Approved box is not checked, the device will not be managed**

Bus Controllers Tab

The Bus Controllers tab shows all of the Controllers along with their MAC and IP addresses, enabled and logging status, and firmware versions.


The Controller Details window can be accessed either by selecting the desired Controller or by double-clicking on the controller. This window shows the name, type, network settings, current firmware versions, and controller options. The name of the Controller can be modified and the network settings can be modified, those instructions can be found here. Click Save if any changes are made.

The Node Devices tab shows all of the nodes associated with the controller selected.

To make changes to one of the Nodes listed, expand the Node and select the device to change. Click Save to record changes.

Click the ... button to open the Device Details window to show option to change the configuration. Click Save after making changes.


By clicking the Edit Devices button to apply changes to all devices at one time. Click Select All and then Save after changes are made.

The db Enline Units tab is used to configure any Enline devices connected to the Controller. Number Assignments are listed at the bottom of the tab to set row, cabinet, and door digits. Click Save after any changes.