System refers to the DAS-SQL software system. This tab has the following sections:

  1. Client Settings – Configure the DAS-SQL server IP address and port number

  2. Email Server Settings – Configure the SMTP Email Server settings, used for email alerts and scheduled reports

  3. User-defined User Data Fields – Specify up to 12 user-defined data fields, under each user account

  4. System Settings – Configure system-wide parameters, such as system alarms and notifications, SYSLOG settings, and Prox/Mifare and iClass card settings

  5. Partitions – Define partitions to create “virtual systems” within the DAS-SQL system

  6. Servers – Add a number of secondary servers to “load-balance” over multiple server in larger systems

  7. Database Backup – Create backup copies of the SQL database

  8. System Self-Test – Runs a health test of the entire system