Released January 31, 2019

Version of the DAS SQL Server / Client

Release Classification

Bug fix


Version of the DAS SQL Server / Client software is available to all customers with a current dbInfinity contract at the time the update was released. To request a copy of the update, please create a new Support Ticket.


  • Removed the pop-up window in the Client in response to an error uploading a user.  The message now comes to the Events window on the System Status tab.
  • Added code to stop all the associated commands in the controller queue if uploading a user encounters an error in any of the responses from the hardware.
  • If an error occurs while uploading a user, the frequency of the command in the database was reduced to 1 minute intervals for retrying.
  • Fixed a bug where the Enline clock and date format was not being saved to the database.
  • Fixed an issue where the Enline clock and date format in the database were not being transmitted to the Enline.
  • Removed the credentials Device Details as they aren’t used or needed.
  • Fixed the Partitions button on Device Details.
  • Changed wording on details page from "Dual Authentication Administrator" to a more appropriate "Dual Custody Override".
  • Removed the show clock feature for Enline.
  • Added OnGuard Integration licensing and its visibility in License Information under Help.
  • Added code in the Service that checks the pending status before executing the command in the database to cut down on redundant commands to the hardware.
  • Fixed issue whereby a lock type was changed to Biolock after initially creating it as an Elock.  The checkboxes for finger and RFID were not allowing the user to continue.