Released April 1, 2019

Version of the DAS SQL Server / Client

Release Classification

Bug fix


Version of the DAS SQL Server / Client software is available to all customers with a current dbInfinity contract at the time the update was released. To request a copy of the update, please create a new Support Ticket.


  • Make DAS-SQL Event ID’s in the Windows Event Log more informative.
  • Update SQL script to change past Event ID’s in the ActivityLogs database to match our new ID’s.
  • Fixed an issue where DAS-SQL was trying to disconnect from a TCP Client even though the connection was null.
  • Added a Client Disconnect event.
  • DAS-SQL no longer requires .Net 3.5.
  • Cleared the WrongSerialNumberMesssageFlag during a bus scan command. This means that if another Sentry has the same IP address but a different serial number, the user will only get 1 message about this until there is a bus scan for that Sentry.
  • Updated the year in the About and License windows.
  • Fixed a bug where a user could control the hardware even if the user only had monitor and door control permissions.
  • Add error handling events when shutting down the Omnikey card reader.
  • Change the appearance and flow of the ReportsTab window.
  • Display devices and departments in alphabetical order on ReportsTab window.
  • Fix bug whereby when adding a new user and choosing CUSTOM for a user group did NOT enable the user group dropdown.