Released May 22, 2020

Version 29 of the dbSentry firmware

MD5 Checksum


Release Classification

Feature / Bug


Version 29 of the dbSentry firmware is available to all customers with a current dbInfinity contract at the time the update was released. To request a copy of the update, please create a new Support Ticket.


  • Add ability to send, delete, and verify fingerprint ISO template data sent to DualLock
  • Add PIV functionality with custom configuration command
  • Increase Look Up table to allow for large PIV data
  • Increase card data structures to allow for PIV cards
  • Add ability to alter the default configuration of CodeLocks, MultiCardLocks, and DualLocks
  • Change Bootloading method to increase reliability
  • Add functionality to control new BioLock and the LED
  • Fix bug with the Mifare Template Header Block
  • Add functionality where HF card authentication can use the PACS data and/or program data.
  • Fix a bug where the UPTIM command didn’t log the serial number properly