Released May 19, 2020

Version 32 of the Intelligent Handle firmware

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Version 32 of the Intelligent Handle firmware is available to all customers with a current dbInfinity contract at the time the update was released. To request a copy of the update, please create a new Support Ticket.


  • Add the ability to store and delete fingerprint and associated data on the Crossmatch module so dbDualLock can verify presented fingers against uploaded data
  • Add PIV functionality with custom configuration command from Digitus hardware
  • Increase card data structures to allow for PIV cards
  • Add the ability to read templates from a DesFire card programmed using AMAG software, transmit the data to the Crossmatch sensor, and verify a presented finger against the data.
  • Add the ability to alter the default configuration of dbCodeLock, dbMultiCardLocks,and dbDualLock such that the authentication method can include any or all incorporated in the specific lock.
  • Add (Card or Finger) and (Pin or Finger) modes in Digitus hardware
  • Change the implementation of the LED initialization traffic light signal