Released July 8, 2020

Version of the DAS SQL Server / Client

Release Classification

Feature / Bug Fix


Version of the DAS SQL Server / Client software is available to all customers with a current dbInfinity contract at the time the update was released. To request a copy of the update, please create a new Support Ticket.


  • Fix bug with Syslog Server using TCP protocol
  • Add code to check that the IP Address or Port of a Syslog server contains valid values
  • Add Stored Procedure and Database Trigger to delete UserGroupDevices when deleting a User Group (previously handed via code in the DAS-SQL Client)
  • Increase Service timeout for receiving data from the Client due to large systems or slow servers
  • Change label from "DHCP Name" to "IP Address" in Unit Settings when IP Assignment is set to "Automatic (DHCP)"
  • Fix bug in Reports tab to remove duplicate "Event Log Initialized" Event Type in "Activity Report" / "Device Events"
  • Fix bug on the Reports Tab where checking "All" did not work for Access Events, Device Events, User Actions, and Server Events
  • Fix bug whereby the users were not being cleared from the window when their Security Group was deleted
  • Fix bug in enabling of Inactivity Timeout and Password Boxes for specific user types
  • Fix bug on the UserGroup tab where devices were still present in the window even though the user had deleted them
  • Improvements to editing User Groups